Tourism, Instructions for use

A playful exhibition that allows visitors to understand the evolution of tourism from the 18th to the 21st century, the variety of fields affected by this industry and to reflect on a tourism of the future, by approaching ecotourism.

A journey through time

Starting from the 18th century, this journey through the evolution of tourism goes back in time to the contemporary period, from class tourism to mass tourism.

Preparing is already traveling

Using the various “standard” headings in the tourist guides, the child, equipped with a guidebook, must plan his or her stay and thus discover the variety of areas affected by the tourism industry.

The good plate of the soil

The food industry, through the promotion of local products, also has its place in the discovery of a territory and in the local economy.

Memories, memories

To keep in memory the experiences stored during the stay, there is…the souvenir!

From the purchase of a souvenir object to a personal souvenir (shells, rocks,…) or a photograph, no one can resist the need to materialize their peregrinations. A pleasant way, while being at home….. to go back “elsewhere”.

Let’s become ecotourists

The development of mass tourism has turned it into a consumer product, which is not always compatible with the respect of a fragile nature and the customs of local populations. The evolution of tourism in the 21st century will be through ecotourism, a sustainable exploitation of this sector that makes the actors, tourists, operators, and local populations, more responsible, in order to preserve this heritage appreciated by some and which provides a living for others.

Practical information

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