Trà mare è monti. Architettura è patrimoniu

Exhibition organized by the Collectivité de Corse

Presentation of two works from the collection of FRAC CORSICA

FRAC Corsica joins forces with the museum of Corsica for its exhibition by presenting two works from its collection:

  • Chimère, 1er septembre 1995 (1998) by Jean-Luc Moulène
  • In Our Real Life (2021) by Jason Hendrik Hansma.

While the photographs and video share the same documentary approach, the two creations offer a striking contrast between the calm immobility of the first and the turbulent movement of the second. In both cases, the artists focus on the relationships between the urban space and nature.

Jean-Luc Moulène is interested in a complex landscape which combines an old site where a chapel takes centre stage, to a non-descript building used as a veterinary clinic. However, it is primarily the cypress trees that capture the attention, like a distant recollection of the symbolic painting by Arnold Böcklin, The Isle of the Dead (1880-1886).

Jason Hendrik Hansma collects amateur video footage from the internet that captures waves hitting structures located on shorelines around the world. This montage is therefore a record of the increase in extreme weather phenomena and rising sea levels related to global warming. Kelman Duran’s obsessional music highlights the emotional shock and blurs the line between reality and a form of addiction to images to which we are already too accustomed.

The title of Jean-Luc Moulène’s photograph is therefore involved in projecting us into an uncertain world where the spectre of fiction is ever present, as if we were unable to wake up.

© Jean-Luc Moulène, Chimère, 1er septembre 1995 (1998-2004) /Photographie Jean-André Bertozzi / ADAGP, Paris 2022 / Collection FRAC CORSICA


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