Pasquale de’Paoli

This interactive exhibition sets the stage for young visitors to encounter Pasquale de’Paoli. A journey in six stages takes children from the unlikely echoes they have heard about Paoli to the mythical figure he has become.

Who is Pasquale de’Paoli?

An audio-visual presentation expresses through a montage of selected pieces of children’s interviews their perception of Paoli.

Life stories

This sequence portrays the character in a synthetic way from his birth to his death. These spatiotemporal references illustrate the chaotic life of the character.

News of the exile

Pasquale de’Paoli lived to be 82 years old and was exiled for 47 years, more than half his life! These forced trips back and forth between Corsica and other European countries gave him an intense desire for freedom. They also testify to the difficulty of imposing a new society on the island.

It moves in the head of the men

As a man of his time Paoli was sensitive to the ideas of the Enlightenment. Influenced by his readings and his European meetings, he became a recognized actor of this time.

The Corsica of Paoli

During the fourteen years that he governed Corsica, Paoli elaborated a democratic constitution, created a university, had a Corsican currency minted, created a national printing house, founded Île-Rousse, organized a fleet and introduced the cultivation of potatoes in the island.

One showed and said of him,…

For most of the contemporaries, the “Corsican Revolution” is symbolized by a character, its leader Pasquale de’ Paoli whom they admire. Portraits and descriptions abound and forge the myth.

Manipulations, sound and visual environments arouse curiosity and encourage a cognitive approach.

Practical information

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