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Press kit : A Citadelle di Corti

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES 2019, the year of 600 years of the medieval castellu of Corte... Spotlight on the citadel, symbol of the city, the only one located in the interior of the island!

Press kit : E Figure di a Corsica

This new exhibition aims to describe the symbols, emblems and allegories of Corsica from antiquity to the present day. It is a long-term representation of the cultural, emblematic and identity-related aspirations of Corsica.

Press kit : Palazzi di l'Americani. Les palais des Corses américains

From 2007 to 2012, at the initiative and under the direction of Professor Enrique Vivoni-Farage of the Department of Architecture at the University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican students traveled to Corsica to draw up the plans, sections and elevations of 78 houses of Americans in Cape Corsica.

Press kit : U Patrimoniu vivu. Esse è trasmette - Le patrimoine vivant. Être et transmettre

The festivals, the know-how, the knowledge of the nature and the universe

Press kit : Île(s)

The museum of Corsica presents a new temporary exhibition entitled "Island(s)".

Press kit : Les Corses et la Grande Guerre

On the occasion of the Centenary, the museum of Corsica presents an exhibition dedicated to the Corsicans and the Great War.

Press kit : La Corse et la musique. Entre tradition et modernité

The Museum of Corsica proposes, through the presentation of musical, filmic, plastic and literary works of the XIXth to the XXIst century, an exhibition dedicated to the multiple realities which associate Corsica and music.

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