The time of industry

In this exhibition, observations, manipulations and games allow children to approach the theme of industrialization, in order to understand the upheavals induced by technical inventions in the functioning of a society, to know the natural resources exploited in Corsica in the 19th and 20th centuries and to think about the future.

Before industry

Before industrialization, man, in order to travel, transport goods, build houses and produce wealth, had to be content with using his own energy, that of the animals he had domesticated or that of the fire he had tamed… But also the force of the wind and the water he had learned to master.

The great leap

More than any other invention, it is the steam engine that symbolizes the industrial revolution, it will transform the world. Man can produce motor energy independently of natural conditions (water mill, windmill,…). It is the beginning of the era of machinism.

The great inventions

The discovery of the prodigious properties of steam was the prelude to a flood of inventions. Locomotives and steamships will transform the means of transportation, goods and people travel faster and further. Other inventions will contribute to improve the productivity of the industries, such as the hammer-drill in the metallurgy sector.

Another world

These technical advances will change the economy, work and mentalities. A new world is on the way with the appearance of new distinct but interdependent social classes.

Resources and industries

The main industries that were industrially exploited in Corsica were mines and quarries, wood and metallurgy: a discovery of these raw materials and their transformation.

Giving a future to the future

The choice, for the future, to exploit renewable energies with the help of new technologies is one of the priority actions to be carried out for a development which respects the planet and the man.

Practical information

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