Trà mare è monti. Architettura è patrimoniu

Exhibition organized by the Collectivité de Corse

Curator and scientific responsibility :

Pierre-Jean Campocasso, directeur du patrimoine de la Collectivité de Corse
Sébastien Celeri, architecte du patrimoine, chef du service de la conservation/restauration, direction du patrimoine, Collectivité de Corse
Jean-Charles Ciavatti, chercheur à l’Inventaire, direction du patrimoine, Collectivité de Corse
Sylvia Ghipponi, architecte, présidente du Conseil de l’Ordre des architectes de Corse
Sophie Fakis, architecte
Jean-Christophe Quinton, architecte

As a whole, as in its diversity, heritage bears witness to a history and a social organisation. Within heritage, architecture represents the oldest recognised and most identified part. Inherited from ancient or more modern times, architecture is one of our great cultural riches and contributes to the collective memory.

Exhibiting architecture at the Museum of Corsica allows it to be disseminated through an educational experience between heritage and contemporary creation. A social museum must offer critical spaces for understanding an environment, a territory and its human achievements.

The exhibition presents 15 models, creations between sea and mountains, between nature and culture and 45 photographs of Corsica’s architectural heritage.

Around the exhibition

Presentation of two works from the collection of FRAC CORSICA

  • Chimère, 1er septembre 1995 (1998-2004) de Jean-Luc Moulène
  • In Our Real Life (2018-2021) de Jason Hendrik Hansma

Educational itinerary for young audiences

Practical information

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Trà mare è monti. Architettura è patrimoniu Exhibition organized by

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