Stéphane DEGUILHEN – Sculptural works

Presentation of 5 sculptural works in bronze

With a scientific background, Stéphane Deguilhen began his career as a physics and chemistry teacher in the French National Education system. Convinced that his vocation was in the artistic field, he put an end to this activity at the beginning of the years 2000 to start a career as a sculptor.

Originally from the Alta Rocca, he admits to a very strong passion for wild animals, fauna and flora, nature and its reliefs.

Because of his scientific training, it is by studying the visions of “three-dimensional” structures that sculpture allows him to bring out his creations.

His first sculptures are made with a chainsaw. Stéphane Deguilhen creates a work in public in less than an hour. A direct vision of his work in three dimensions, without taking preliminary measurements.

The bronzes are made with lost wax, from the master pieces and then finished in the foundry. They are limited editions of eight pieces. Each bronze is numbered, signed and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

From heather stumps and other local species, Stéphane Deguilhen uses the pre-existing shape of the roots to create a work. The multiple and tortured lines of the wood then impose a style and a structure of their own. The main themes are animal: bulls, tigers, boars and eagles.

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