Of Corse! Registered trademark

As a counterpoint to the temporary exhibition “Living Heritage, Being and Passing on”, the Museum of Corsica offers an original and unusual variation on the theme of intangible cultural heritage.

Of Corsica! Trademark is a focus on several island creators and their modes of treatment of this intangible heritage.

In a society where the codes are standardized, the man seeks reliable and reassuring marks, in order to fight against the depersonalization which threatens him. Corsica, land of tradition, strongly anchored in its culture and its values, does not escape the rule and offers a fertile ground to this community reconquest.

Various Corsican creators are nourished by this heritage. They decline it today on unexpected supports, in a dynamic of material representation of an immaterial element.

Their creations of jewelry, t-shirts, fragrances or cosmetic care are largely inspired by iconography and ancient know-how. These trademarks identify, protect, preserve and distinguish this precious heritage.

Project manager: Laura Nicolini, in charge of the exhibitions and the valorisation of the Citadelle – Museum of Corsica.


Yves Kneusé


Estelle Maugras/Je formule


Fabrice Blanc

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