A citadella di Corti – A citadel for horizon

Spotlight on the citadel, symbol of the city, the only one located in the interior of the island!

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2019, the year of 600 years of the medieval castellu of Corte…
“A citadella di Corti – A citadel for horizon”

Immersive experiences

Curator and scientific responsibility :
Gérard GIORGETTI, Professor of History
Marion TRANNOY-VOISIN, Director of the Museum of Corsica, Collectivity of Corsica

The citadel of Corti, from its construction to its future, told by a plurality of actors (elected officials, researchers, artists …) and illustrated by the collection of plans of the Historical Service of Defense.

Dominating the landscape and the city of Corti, the citadel has become the symbol of the city to the point of appearing on all books, brochures and postcards representing the city of Corti. First vision of the travelers, that they come from Bastia, Aleria or Aiacciu, it is detached from the rest of the city and characterizes the landscape and geographical horizon.

But it was also for the French army a horizon to be reached, an ultimate goal, a utopia to be finalized: to build an impregnable citadel in the center of Corsica. For more than a hundred years, the military never stopped improving its defenses, equipping it with all the technical improvements, making it perfect. Without doubt, it was utopian to think that a siege army could bring its cannons to Corti; but the officers of the Engineers believed in it and, with meticulousness and tenacity, regulated the smallest details so that it could resist an enemy force that was far superior in number. Thus the horizon was reached, the utopia became reality and the citadel left its mark on the history of the city.

However, the powerful fortifications of Corti were never used because they were never attacked and the city remained a garrison town for a long time.

A citadella di Corti – Une citadelle pour horizon invites the visitor to live an immersive experience that evokes the place of these fortifications in the history of Corsica and their transformations. This installation, in the form of an audiovisual and graphic show, sheds light on this architectural and landscape heritage and gives a glimpse of what the future of the citadel could be.

On this occasion, visitors will be able to discover, in the form of reproductions and projections, a part of the collection of plans dedicated to the stronghold of Corti of the Historical Service of Defense, Archive Center of the Ministry of the Army.

A series of interviews, projected around a relief model, tells the story of the citadel of Corti, from its construction to its future.

A new tour route, enriched with an augmented reality experience, has been opened on the western walkway to allow visitors to discover little-known places on the site (notably the lost Castellacce district) and to fully appreciate its potential.

The opening of these installations is set for mid-November 2019, for a period of one year before their perpetuation in the framework of a global project of rehabilitation of the citadel.

Two declensions come to complete this show and this route:

“In Terra d’Omi”
Photographic exhibition by Armand Luciani
Texts by Marie Ferranti & Jean-Yves Acquaviva

As an introduction to the new itinerary, this photographic tour weaves the link from the inside to the outside and reveals the immortality of the citadel of Corti in images.

“Behind the walls
An educational and interactive space dedicated to the young public (6-11 years)

For 600 years the medieval castle has watched over the city. The exhibition Behind the Walls tells the story of a stronghold created, dreamed of, transformed. Like the passe muraille, the young public is invited to go and see “what’s behind” the walls. A real spotlight on the symbol of the city, the tour tells, in a playful and interactive way, the chronicles of the defensive place of Corti from the Middle Ages to today.

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