L’Umana Ambizione + Our Century

Photographs : Jean-André BERTOZZI / Video installation : Leonardo BOSCANI


From 2002 to 2005, Jean-André Bertozzi and Leonardo Boscani went to meet the last living people of the First World War in Corsica and Sardinia and “monumentalized” five men and five women.

One photographs, the other retains the words of these elders and inscribes them in a video installation “La conta”.

Since the presentation of this installation at the Masedu (Museum of Modern Art of Sassari), in 2005, time has continued its work and these women and men have now disappeared. These images have acquired a new dimension, from individual stories, they have become objects of universal history.


This gallery of portraits leads to a photographic sculpture: Our Century. Emerging from the sand, a stele of impacted glass reveals two autochromes: quiet images of a green field and officers in their beautiful uniforms, images of the moment before, before the thunderclap of the First World War.

Leonardo Boscani, born in Sassari on September 11, 1961, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Sassari, where he completed a thesis in Art History. He collaborates with the Politikart Collective (proletarians of art). He currently lives and works in Sassari.

Jean-André Bertozzi, author photographer, born in 1969 and trained at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles. Represented by the gallery “Le lac gelé” in Nîmes, he has been holding numerous exhibitions in France and abroad for over fifteen years.

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