In Terra d’Omi

A photographic exhibition by Armand Luciani

As an introduction to the new itinerary, this photographic tour weaves the link from the inside to the outside and reveals the immortality of the Citadel of Corti in images.

Project manager, Laura NICOLINI-BELLINI, in charge of counterpoint exhibitions, Museum of Corsica, CdC
Curator and photographs, Armand LUCIANI
Texts, Marie Ferranti and Jean-Yves Acquaviva
Songs, Vitalba
Scenography, Yves Kneusé
Ironwork, Etienne Albertini
Graphic productions, Com & Co, L’atelier
Electricity, S2I
Masonry, Franceshini Maçonnerie

This is certainly the most interesting paradox of photography. The capture of a moment of light, fixed on a photograph, can give life and brightness to the most austere scenes, to the most moribund places… even in black and white.Why are we so challenged by the liveliness of these photographs of old and disembodied places? Many of us like to imagine what life was like when these places were finished being built, and that they welcomed souls and fates. We like to imagine the heroic and dramatic moments that were played out there. We also like to imagine what the picture might have been like when the setting was complete. And this photographic series – “In Terra d’Omi” – offers us a magnificent incursion into the strange space of these still standing ramparts. It offers us enough depth and perspective to begin the journey, and it leaves us complete freedom of personal projection according to our identities, our dreams and our doubts. No one can wish that this eagle’s nest and this citadel, what remains of it and what is known of it, do not know a future that reconciles the imperative need to maintain the uniqueness of their memory and the movement of a city and a region whose youth is now the beating heart.Those who have enjoyed the panorama at the top of this rock have inevitably perceived the strength that emanates from it. Those who will go soon have an exhibition and a book to perceive the intensity of it.In Terra d’Omi was a delicate and subtle exercise. A vibrant work for the photographer Armand Luciani. We hope that it will be a real historical and sensitive experience for the public, but make no mistake: it is only a brief passage, because this citadel, during its long history was never taken.

Caminate puru…

Julien Angelini

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