Manipulations and observation games allow children to approach the theme of suidae in a playful atmosphere.

Wild or well-bred?

The life stories of a wild boar and a domesticated pig help to understand the relationship between man and animal.

In the pig, everything is good….

Everyone knows the transformation of the pig into regional products. The Corsican pork-butchery is famous. But do we know what we are eating and what else can be made with this animal?

Pig “Pig”?

Victim of prejudices through sayings and proverbs, this animal is both the dirty little pig and the pretty pink pig. Shouldn’t we be wary of appearances?

The pig, an organ bank?

The pig is, with the primates, the closest animal to man. Will its organs be used, one day, to save human lives?

The biblio-pig books

A welcoming space invites you to read books that attest to the presence of the pig in children’s literature.

Practical information

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