The Sardinian investigation

A thief tried to steal a work representing Sardinia from the exhibition. Surprised by the alarm system, he was unable to accomplish his misdeed. Instead, he left a mess in the museum by mixing Sardinian objects with Corsican ones.

The young visitors are charged with a mission: to find and gather the Sardinian elements. An investigation which will allow them to discover the Sardinian culture and to make the parallel with Corsica.

The challenge

A message is addressed to all the private detectives present!

The famous Sardinian Mural, exhibited in the Museum of Corsica, was the object of an attempted theft last night. Surprised by the alarm system, the thief lost 5 elements of the work of art while fleeing. It is urgent to find them!

Bric-a-brac in the mess

Discovering traditional furniture and food

The museum’s cabinetmaker’s workshop is in disarray, our mysterious visitor has been there! Two pieces of furniture, typical of each region, are in pieces: a Sardinian carved wooden chest and a Corsican chestnut kneading trough. A plan of assembly makes it possible to assemble the various parts. The reserve of traditional breads has suffered the same fate, the detectives must replace the breads of each region in the corresponding piece of furniture.

Panic in the wardrobe

The island costumes

A large, ajar trunk is filled with pieces of clothing that the children will have to place correctly on the four mannequins. Fortunately, the dressmaker has left sketches that will allow them to reconstruct the correct traditional costumes.


The artists’ islands

What a disaster! The framer’s workbench is a real mess. It’s also a real treasure chest, with trap doors and hiding places providing a lot of precious clues to find paintings, engravings or photographs.


The islands in music

From cacophony to harmony, this is the path you must take to appreciate the musical diversity of the two islands. Two displays, one stamped Sardinian, the other Corsican, are waiting for the children to attribute the typical musical instruments to these two regions. Below each instrument, a push-button allows to activate the sound corresponding to the chosen instrument. Several children can activate different sounds simultaneously and thus compose an original musical tune.

Practical information

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