In the space intended for the young public Napolissons approaches the subject under an interactive and ludic angle.

NAPOLISSONS is an exhibition conceived in the form of a giant game of 7 families. Combining fun and learning, children are both explorers and builders.

The objective is to define the personality of this multi-faceted man through his family, his character, his history, his relationships with others, his power, the legend that surrounds him and the icon he has become. The character comes to life through the images that make up these 7 families.

Variations on the same theme, Napoleon, the cards develop a universe impregnated with multiple graphic influences, like the caricatures of the period, marking the European dimension of the character. The views of French, English, Dutch and Spanish illustrators of the 21st century reveal the character traits of one of the most famous figures in history.

The reconstituted families and the maps become building materials for the construction of various places occupied by Napoleon, from his birthplace in Ajaccio to his place of exile in Longwood, St. Helena.

The tour ends with the presentation of the animated film Seven Faces of Napoleon Bonaparte created for the exhibition.

Graphic design maps

Hannah Ben Meyer,
Mark Taeger,
Super 5,
Bran’t weer,
Karine Daisy,
Guillaume Reynard,
Camille Rousseau.

Realization of an animated film

Seven faces of Napoleon Bonaparte
animated film, 7 min
script: Ann Bilger-Depoorter
graphic design: Cédric Villain
animation: Anne Viel
sound illustration: Thierry Viel.


Yves Kneusé

Project manager

Ann Bilger-Depoorter, in charge of cultural mediation at the Museum of Corsica

Practical information

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