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Una stallazione munumentale di Gabriel Diana

Monumental installation by Gabriel Diana

Biography of Gabriel Diana :

Born in Orbetello in 1942, Gabriel Diana had a difficult childhood and a life shifted between France and Italy. Engineer of formation in a first life, but artist in the soul, at the end of 1998 he ceases to repress the free man in him content to dedicate himself definitively to the Art. Painter of the first hour, then sculptor and bronzier, his new trade-passion makes him know a fast rise. His paintings are at first figurative and his sculptures of bronze and marble of Carrara, academic. A contemporary period followed which drew its inspiration from the Etruscan soil in which he was born. The demiurge then forges bronzes that show a new emotion, a rare elegance and great purity. The essence of life, they blossom from the gestures and movements of his numerous characters who, little by little, emigrate on his innovative sculpted canvases “Full Metal Painting”. Numerous recognitions honor his career, especially abroad where he was elevated to the rank of “Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana” corresponding to the French Legion of Honor, by the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Internationally recognized, the works of Gabriel Diana decorate many private collections, public places, museums and foundations. In Corsica, near Bastia, a museum is dedicated to him, the “Dian’Arte Museum”. It opened its doors in October 2009 and, twinned in 2013 with the “Museum of Amber” in Kaliningrad, Russia, it also houses the workshop of the master. In a vast covered space and an Edenic park, a large number of works are on display to the public and other testimonies of his career are preserved. Dividing his working time between France and Italy, the artist, a citizen of the world, likes to say with a smile that “In Corsica, all roads lead to the sea…”.

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