Industrial Relics

Photographs by Tomas Heuer

Through a selection of 30 photographs taken on different industrial wastelands in Corsica, Tomas Heuer shows the action of time on human achievements.

Tomas Heuer was commissioned by the Museum of Corsica and the Heritage Department to carry out several photographic campaigns on more than forty industrial sites in Corsica. The first objective was to give an account through the particular glance of a photographer of the imprints left in the landscape by the industrial wastelands.

His vision was organized around the triple alchemical aspect of industrial activity: creation by nature of the raw material, transformation by man of the fundamental elements, mutation of the sites and the materials by time.

The sites photographed as Canari, Matra, Barchetta, Ghisoni or Luri,… are also the witnesses of human achievements to the extent of the belief in the future and the dreams of the men who made them be born.

The industrial architecture tells this cult and is presented as a raw religious art: factory-church, minaret-chimney, pulley-gargoyle, etc. …

The spirit of the place and the strength that emanates from these industrial relics are highlighted by Tomas Heuer’s shots. The material, the man and the nature draw surprisingly beautiful landscapes, but sometimes also, absurd and terrible.

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