Behind the walls

Exhibition for young people (6-11 years old)

For 600 years, the medieval castle has watched over the city. The exhibition Behind the Walls tells the story of a stronghold that was created, dreamed of and transformed. Like a “passe-muraille”, the young public is invited to go and see “what’s behind” the walls. A real spotlight on the symbol of the city, the tour tells, in a playful and interactive way, the chronicles of the defensive place of Corti from the Middle Ages to today.

Project manager, Ann BILGER-DEPOORTER, in charge of cultural mediation at the Museum of Corsica, CdC
Scenography, Laurent Sick / Daphné Schiettecatte / Kascen
Graphic design, Laurent Sick / Kascen
Scenography, Simone Lacognata / François Prodhomme / Kascen
Animation film, C’est magnifique
Translations in Corsica, Adecec
Translations in English, Damien Léonard
Animated coloring, Wakatoon

Behind the walls

The young visitor begins his visit by finding himself facing the large picture rail that faces him like the impressive entrance of a castle. Guards with brick heads seem to be crossing the wall. Some come out of the wall, another enters it. They welcome the young visitor and also invite him to “go to the other side”.

From the castle to the citadel

Passed the arched door, the young visitor discovers a diorama of the old city of Corti which decomposes as the child approaches. This decomposition of the landscape highlights the different parts that form the fortifications of the Citadel, the buildings that make it up (18th – 19th centuries) and finally the medieval castle (15th century) that overlooks it.

By walking between the different sections of the diorama the child can discover:

● the stronghold with its various systems of protection ;
● the folly of grandeur that animates the ambitious projects of extension of the fortifications of the French army ;
● Faustina Gaffori, a heroic episode of a fighter ready to sacrifice her son taken hostage by the Genoese on the ramparts of the castle.

Over the years

The walls are covered with a chronological frieze, a real historical unfolding of the life of the citadel from its origins to the present day (15th – 21st century).

E Castellacce

An animated film tells the story of the struggle of the inhabitants of a rebellious neighborhood E Castellacce. It took eighty years and an order from the King (1830) for the French army to destroy this neighborhood, which was included in the fortifications of the citadel.

The military finally felt “at home”.

The symbol of the city

A mountainous landscape is waiting to be completed. Visitors can recreate the medieval castle, a true icon of the city, using giant Lego bricks.

Fortifications vs. Garrisons

This cartoon creation workshop, which works with the Wakatoon application, allows visitors to understand why, in view of the evolution of armaments, the great fortification projects of the city were abandoned to make way for a garrison city.

The booklet-game

This small guide invites the young visitor to continue the visit on site.

Practical information

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