Deux temps, trois mouvements

The art project Deux temps, trois mouvements articulates different exhibitions in the outdoor spaces of the Museum to explore the dynamics at work in the evolution of our landscapes.

Art and nature, precious things

These interventions respond to the theme of Intangible Cultural Heritage by composing with the living and the vegetal, to give shape to the space in its aesthetic and social dimensions by associating different partners. Plural temporalities are envisaged through the movement from one space to another; and since everything is a matter of reading, an original signage conceived thanks to the techniques of the Fab Lab of the University of Corsica and its foundation accompanies the movement of the visitors and brings them elements of knowledge.

The first station, “chemin faisant”, conceives the development of a space related to the wild. One discovers the ornamental creation of the logo of Corsica Grana, registered trademark of the Office of the Environment.

The ascent to the esplanade leads to a space divided between the thematic garden and the in situ creation Trésor, realized by S & A de La Sablière, which gives rise to the alchemy of an art metamorphosing the stone into gold.

With this project, the ArterrA association around Laetitia Carlotti, artistic director, aims at an experimental and aesthetic work on the route of the Citadel allowing the museum of Corsica to continue its reflection on the place to be given to the plant heritage and the synergy to be found between interior and exterior spaces of the site.

The association ArterrA works for the development and dissemination of contemporary artistic practices within the Corsican landscapes since its creation in 2012, by going to meet a wide audience and establishing a relevant dialogue between the work and the place where it is registered.

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