Corsica Grana

Find in Corte, the evocation of the logo of the brand “Corsica Grana” composed of labeled plants. Six species are put in situation in the case of the citadel in the Museum of Corsica.

© CTC, museum of Corsica/P.Pirangeli

The appearance of acclimatization gardens in the 19th century, then, the craze for ornamental gardens in connection with the development of tourism in the 1970s in particular, constitute new practices, new know-how but are also too often a source of introduction of invasive species. Offering local species produced locally is an action to limit invasive exotic species at the origin of the loss of biodiversity and the banalization of landscapes. It is also a way to find or rediscover know-how with local plants and to have another look at the flora and vegetation of Corsica.

The Office of the Environment of Corsica through the National Botanical Conservatory of Corsica, offers a brand “Corsica Grana” real tool for the development of a local production chain. It allows to certify the botanical origin of the plants and to ensure their traceability. This approach, which complements the “local plant” label supported by the Ministries of Ecology and Agriculture, makes it possible to develop the horticultural sector in Corsica (until now, 95% of ornamental plants were imported into Corsica) and to act on the preservation of the plant and landscape heritage.

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