Palaces of memory

Contemporary views on the houses of the American Corsicans

Photographic narratives by Jean-André Bertozzi and Sylvia Cagninacci-Eskenazi

Most of the houses of Americans propose to the walker closed gates and closed shutters. To whom do they belong today? What relationship do their owners have with their prestigious past? What lost El Dorados do those that have been abandoned tell us about?

“Palais de mémoire” questions the past through the thread of transmission. Through a selection of five houses reflecting a plurality of destinies, the exhibition offers a visual and narrative dive into the intimacy of these multiple heritages.

Jean-André Bertozzi, author and photographer, works on the notion of poetic documentary. He likes to explore places to make them tell stories. Sylvia Cagninacci-Eskenazi, author, carries within her a family heritage that resonates like a book to be written. Together, they have conceived a text/image device, like the story of a journey through time, inviting the visitor to fill in the gaps to leave open the unhinged doors of the palaces of memory.

Jean-André Bertozzi, author and photographer, born in 1969, graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles. He pursues an artistic research on what he calls “the poetic documentary”. Multiplying the series of images, he tries to find, in the near or far, this poetry that is hidden in the banality of everyday life. For him, photography serves to put himself outside of time, to reconsider space. For more than fifteen years, he has held numerous exhibitions in France and abroad. His images are regularly published in exhibition catalogs, or in monographic works (éditions actes sud, éditions Thierry Magnier…).

Sylvia Cagninacci-Eskenazi, former account manager in an editorial communication agency, was for a long time editor-in-chief of the magazine Du côté de chez vous. She deeply loves houses. Having come to live in Corsica, she signed as author her first project on the island.

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