The Secret of a Wreck

Exhibition for young people

The story of a wreck always begins with a shipwreck, so before the wreck there was life on board.

One of the missions of museums is to make their collections accessible to the widest possible audience. To this end, the Museum of Corsica devotes, in parallel to the temporary exhibition, a specific space for 6-11 years.

This year, a playful and didactic journey that aims to familiarize children with the maritime environment is proposed. Secret d’épave is a place that provides the keys to reading that will allow children to calmly approach the heritage collections presented in the exhibition Mare nostrum – Corsicans and the sea.

In the center of the space, a shipwrecked tartan hull is set in sandbanks in the middle of ropes running from the sea bed to the surface of the wave. This ruined object, ravaged, intrigues. One wonders: what happened to the boat?

If the story of a wreck always begins with a shipwreck, before the accident, there was a life on board. The challenge of the exhibition is to submit the wreck “to the question”, until it tells its story, that of its crew and that of its last navigation.

Secret d’épave, an immersion in the heart of the subject…

From wreck to boat, a resurrection

Traces of inscriptions, plans and remains of cargo help to identify the coaster.

The crew and life on board

Sailors’ stories, sounds of the sea and organization of tasks show that life on board is a world in itself.

The sea and its dangers

The sea is not man’s natural environment. Winds, reefs and currents sometimes make it hostile, even to the point of shipwreck, as the cabin boy’s logbook shows.

Secret unveiled

The child will gather the various elements discovered in a survey of excavations which will be used to feed the narrative construction relating the adventure of the boat which reveals the secret of the wreck.

Sandbanks house audiovisuals and a reading corner to learn more and a workshop is dedicated to the creation of ex-voto.

Information : 04 95 45 25 48

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