The museum of Corsica presents a new temporary exhibition entitled “Island(s)”.

Corsica, like many islands, feeds the imagination of men.

The islands are other worlds, spaces that are reached at the risk of the sea, where the shipwrecked must imagine everything to survive. Islands of carelessness and celebrations where the change of scenery invites us to wonder, but also islands of exile, confinement and chaos…

Certainly, they are “an expanse of land surrounded by water”, but the definitions do not exhaust what our thoughts have made of islands, dreamed as much as traveled.

Through this exhibition dedicated to the island(s), the Museum of Corsica broadens its approach to Corsican society in order to raise new questions, avenues of reflection for Corsica, for Corsicans, for other islanders and mainlanders in the context of globalization and the contemporary issues that accompany it.

This exhibition proposes to question the similarities as well as the singularities of these island worlds, in a resolutely comparative approach which puts in comparison examples of “big” and “small” islands, “distant” and “close” to Corsica (Tristan da Cunha, archipelagos of Oceania, Haiti, Lampedusa, Salvation Islands, Majorca, Reunion Island, Galapagos Islands…)

More than 250 works and media from the collections of the Museum of Corsica and other Corsican, national or international institutions testify to the complexity of island societies and insularity.

These objects are of a material and immaterial nature: sculptures, navigation instruments, boat models, everyday objects, textiles; iconography: paintings, maps, atlases, prints, drawings; images: documentary photography, photo-reportage and photographic work, video work and film projections; olfactory and audio diffusion devices, literary references.

The course of the exhibition takes the visitor on a philosophical cruise, like the voyage of Ulysses or that of La Pérouse, which allows him to glimpse the multiple realities of these islands. The dynamics and the comings and goings of the island experience are given to feel in the space of the exhibition, in dialogues between the interior and the exterior look. Everyone can thus go in search of what could be “his island”.

A contemporary and uncluttered scenography conceived as a succession of thematic islands in an archipelago, with the stylized image of Corsica at the center, a real island at the center of the world. A labyrinthine visit punctuated by video projections, sound effects, colors, scents …

Course of the exhibition :

The exhibition is conceived as a succession of thematically designed “islands”. The course must lead the visitor to perceive, physically, the labyrinthine figure of the interpretation of insularity and the strength of the imagination.

Plan :

  1. The island, daughter of the elements
  2. The island Microcosm… and Macrocosm
  3. The island paradox
  4. The island system
  5. The island of living together
  6. The laboratory island
  7. The resource island
  8. Space and time of the island
  9. The shipwreck
  10. Fragile islands

Curator of the exhibition :

Mrs. Marion Trannoy-Voisin, General Curator, Head of the Museum of Corsica.

Mrs. Anne Meistershem, Curator, Doctor of State in human sciences.

Mrs. Florence Pizzorni-Itié, Curator, Chief Curator of Heritage, Doctor in social and cultural anthropology.

Scientific advisers :

Mr. Joseph Martinetti, teacher-researcher, ESPE de la Méditerranée moderne et contemporaine – Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis.

Mrs. Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis, Professor of Economic Sciences – Università di Corsica Pasquale Paoli – UMR CNRS 6240 LISA.

Scenography :

Studio Officina82 (Fabio Revetria and Lara Sappa) and Barbara Arciuolo. Exhibition graphics (Elio Di Raimondo).

Graphic design:

Bernard Martin / M7creation.

Practical information

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