Île était une fois…

A space dedicated to the young public (6-11 years old) whose adapted scenography makes it possible to sensitize the young visitor to the topic of the temporary exhibition by approaching the subject under an educational and interactive angle.

If the island is spontaneously associated with a postcard image embodying the earthly paradise, Once upon a time… shows in a playful and interactive way that this piece of land is not so easy to define. The islands constitute a very diversified group and defining the island is extremely difficult because it exists as much by its representation as by its materiality. The importance of islands on a global scale is much greater than the surface area they occupy on land. To spatially circumscribe them as “an isolated land, surrounded by the sea and separated from the continent” is reductive. The island completely isolated and totally cut off from the world does not exist because despite its maritime isolation, it is in relation with the outside world and “attached” to the surrounding world. The island protects its culture and opens up to the foreigner. A closed and protected mini-world, it is conducive to experimentation. It can be hell or paradise, imaginary, artificial. It can be born and disappear…

This journey is a dynamic exploration in three sequences that takes the young visitor to the encounter of the islands.


What is an island? How is an island born? What are the different forms of islands? How many islands are there in the world? What is France overseas? Why is France a maritime giant? Do all the inhabitants of the same island speak the same language?… The island is revealed in the captain’s cabin.


The silhouettes of islands, as they are discovered by sea, illustrate their diversity and show that their specificities can determine their history.

Are evoked:

  • The prison island, when the sea replaces the bars
  • The island paradise, never equaled
  • The laboratory island, conservatory or world of tomorrow?
  • The resource island
  • The artificial island, for survival or for pleasure
  • The plastic island, future continent?


A large mural representing virgin islands surrounded by water allows us to imagine an elsewhere. The islands become the theater where various elements, fauna, flora, population, habitat … are staged. It is difficult to resist the temptation to create a new world!


offers a space for relaxation, free consultation of various books to learn more or to continue to dream … of islands

Project manager : Ann Bilger-Depoorter, in charge of cultural mediation – Museum of Corsica.

Scenography : DODESKADEN

Graphic design : Guillaume Amen

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