A Testa mora. Headliner

A pedagogical and interactive space dedicated to the young public (6-11 years old)

A space dedicated to the young public (6-11 years old) allows to sensitize the visitor to the theme of the temporary exhibition devoted to the emblems of Corsica. The subject is approached there under an educational and interactive angle. A variety of manipulations, observations and games are proposed in order to decipher in a playful way the two most representative iconic signs of Corsica: the shape of the territory and the head of Moor (testa mora).

Project manager: Ann Bilger-Depoorter, in charge of cultural mediation at the Museum of Corsica

Scenography: Laurent Sick – Daphné Schiettecatte / Kascen

Graphic design: Laurent Sick / Kascen

Scenography : Charlotte Belayew – Simone Lacognata / Kascen

Animation film : C’est magnifique


in Corsican : Adecec

in English : Sahib Kaur

We live among a “forest of signs”.

It is impossible to escape it, we are surrounded by signs. They are everywhere, they are not there by chance, they speak to us, tell us visions of the world.

As an introduction to the exhibition, the young visitor is confronted with a graffiti scene. A magnetic puzzle allows, after reconstitution, to locate the symbols representing Corsica

A graphic territory

An island on a world map is a piece of land surrounded by water. But the islands are numerous and often difficult to recognize. Corsica has a very particular shape, like a closed hand whose index finger is raised: an image that can easily be fixed in one’s memory.

From the portulan – the marine map of the first navigators – dating from the Middle Ages to the satellite photo, the simplicity of the contours of Corsica is striking. This has created a very strong visual identity of the territory, the basis of a collective and shared culture.

The visitor enters the heart of the exhibition, he finds himself in front of a graphic fresco evoking silhouettes of colored characters staging the evolution of the cartographic representation of the territory, the graphic logo identifying the Collectivity of Corsica and the souvenir objects marked with the sign of… Corsica.

A testa mora

A bandera testa mora, an emblem that does what it wants! Space dedicated to the diffusion of the animation film around the origins of the Corsican flag.

The head of the job

The Moor’s head is the symbol of Corsica’s identity par excellence since it represents its flag. It has also become a “brand” that we assimilate all azimuths: it is symbolized, diverted, humored, commercialized, logotyped and emoticonized.

A large floor forming a game board with 24 printed squares represents different variations of the testa mora. On a “Wheel of Fortune” type wheel, the characteristics listed above are marked. When the wheel stops on one of the characteristics, the players have to establish the correspondence with the images on the game board.

At the end of the course, the children will have the opportunity to customize a sticker with the outline of the testa mora. They will thus realize their own detour of the Corsican emblem which will come to decorate the foliage of the “trees with signs” by affixing their graphic contribution to it.


The cultural mediation sector of the museum of Corsica proposes a day at the museum:

  • 10h00: Welcome
  • 10h30 – 12h00: visit-workshop of the exhibition-play A Testa mora – Head of poster
  • 13h30 – 14h15 : visit of the exhibition E figure di a Corsica
  • 2:30 – 4:00 pm: workshop

Visit supervised by a mediator

Price: 1.5 € per student. Free for teachers and accompanying persons.

Maximum 30 students

Reservation required (at least three weeks in advance)

Tel: 04 35 45 26 02



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