The catalog “E Figure di a Corsica”

“E figure di a Corsica. Symbols, emblems and allegories”.


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Collective work

Co-publishing : Museum of Corsica, CdC/Albiana – 2018

24 x 32 cm

270 pages- 470 illustrations

ISBN : 978-2-8241-0914-5

ISBN (museum) : 978-2-909703-61-9


Preface 1 – Gilles Simeoni

Preface 2 – Pierre-Jean Campocasso

Preamble – Michel Pastoureau

Michel Vergé-Franceschi

1. 1736 : a Westphalian baron disembarked in Corsica with a banner or a flag bearing a Moor’s head

Ernesto Fernández-Xesta y Vázquez

2. Sigillographic and documentary titles used by the kings of the Crown of Aragon as kings of Corsica

Barbara Fois

3. Sardinia and the coat of arms of the four Moors

Michel Popoff

4. Argent with a Moor’s head Sable, twisted of the field

Philippe Colombani

5. The origins of the Moor’s head: the Aragonese imprint

Carlo Bitossi

6. The image of Corsica in the political thought and historiography of Genoa in the 16th-18th centuries

Michel Popoff

7. Corsican coins and some other documents

Antoine Franzini

8. For the freedom of the Corsican nation: symbolic initiatives in the eyes of Europe (1729-1769)

Virginie Bar and Dominique Brême

9. Allegoria corsicae

Anna Gnedina-Moretti

10. The head of Moor and the Republic from 1792 to our days – A thwarted cohabitation

Dominique Gresle-Pouligny

11. The emblem of Corsica in the cartographic representations of the island. XVIth-XVIIIth centuries