Conference of Petru Casanova

“Time and the relationship to time” 

Wednesday, March 27 3:00 p.m.  


L’U fà è L’infà di a Luna, Petru Casanova 

Petru Casanova offers us, through his work U Fà è L’infà di a Luna, concrete and lived examples, of a perception of time specific to his region, u venachese, and beyond that, offers us yet another illustration of the variability of temporal representations specific to each rural community.

It helps to demonstrate how much Time is conceived and measured from the place from which the observation is made.

U contu di Salomone, L’acqua di a e 13 lune, A data di e tumberedrawn from U Fà è L’infà di a Luna, three examples of this interweaving of space-time, read and commented, by Jacqueline Acquaviva-Bosseur.

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