Visiti è attelli

Visits and workshops

From elementary school to high school, the cultural mediation service welcomes and accompanies students to discover the museum and the citadel. It offers a varied program of visits and activities related to the collections and temporary exhibitions.

Per i sculari

Guided tours and workshops for young people (6-11 years)

A Day at the Museum

Although the museum is located in the center of the island, its visit can represent, for some schools, an important trip. In order to optimize this outing, the cultural mediation team proposes:

A day at the museum in three key moments:

  • 10am to 12pm: visit of the permanent collection or the temporary exhibition
  • 1:30 pm: visit of the Citadel (Castellu), a 15th century fortress
  • 2 to 4 pm: thematic workshop
  • Maximum 30 children.

The workshops


From second grade to fifth grade Corsica knows, since a few tens of years, a mass tourism which requires an adaptation on behalf of the

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Ads !

From second grade to fifth grade The Mattei company has made Corsica known throughout the world, thanks to its communication strategy. Around a reading of

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Guided tours for middle and high schools

The visits adapted to the public of the colleges and high schools are articulated around three axes:

  • the permanent collections: discovering the “Doazan gallery” and the “museum in the making” gallery. These visits can be done in a thematic way (Craft industry and traditional know-how, The space of the shepherd, Industrial Corsica, The revival of the brotherhoods,… Duration 1h30
    the temporary
  • exhibition: associated with the annual theme, educational materials illustrate the course. Duration 1h30
    the visit of the 15th century citadel site. This visit can be coupled with one of the previous proposals. Duration 30 minutes


Pedagogical files

"A citadella di Corti. A citadel for horizon"

The college and high school newspaper

"E Figure di a Corsica. Symbols, emblems and allegories"

Le journal des collèges et lycées
Infurmazione pratiche

Practical information

Young audience


For more information about the tours and workshops, please contact :
- Jeanne Luciani-Sindali, mediator for young audiences.
Phone: 04 95 45 26 02


Free for school children.
Reservation required (at least three weeks in advance).

Colleges and high schools


To help you prepare your visit, obtain information on the exhibitions and related activities, contact
- Cécile Liberatore
Phone: 04 95 45 26 06


Free for school children
Reservation required (at least three weeks in advance) Possibility of visit in Corsican language and in Italian.