Scontru nuvembrinu di Morra – Premiu di u Museu di a Corsica

“MORRA” competition, Corsica Museum Prize (CdC), third edition

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2019 at 7:30 PM

In partnership with the association Corsica Morra

The morra is a very old game, common throughout the Mediterranean basin. In Corsica it has remained steadily with no real need for cultural reappropriation, while in other places it has unfortunately disappeared. Each country plays according to its own habits and customs, Corsica has a specific way of playing morra. It is a playful game of arithmetic that consists in finding the sum of the additions of the hands of the player and his opponent.

As part of the Museum of Corsica’s 2016 temporary exhibition “U Patrimoniu vivu – The Living Heritage” dealing with the intangible cultural heritage of Corsica and the world as defined by UNESCO, the cultural meditation sector of the Museum of Corsica organized in November 2016 a scontru in the very heart of the museum. This scontru received such a warm welcome from both the public and the participants that the museum decided to establish a “Museum Morra Prize”, as there is the Andria Fazi prize for excellent students in the Corsican language of the academy, and as there is the CdC book prize. The prize of morra made its way and so this year in November 2017 we present the first edition scontru of the prize of Morra of the museum.

In partnership with the association Corsica Morra, whose headquarters are in Sarrola Carcopino and which is active in popularizing this game among students throughout the island, but which also represents Corsica in the world championships of morra, this  scontru is an opportunity to welcome in the museum enclosure an ancestral game, alive, sometimes noisy but eminently theatrical around a tournament whose winner will compete for a trophy symbolizing the game made by the plastic artist Cyril Maccioni.

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