The catalog Palazzi di l’Americani. Les palais des Corses américains

Palazzi di l’Americani. The palaces of the American Corsicans


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Collective work

Co-publishing : Museum of Corsica, CTC/Albiana – 2017

24 x 32 cm

200 pages

245 illustrations

ISBN : 978-2-8241-851-3

ISBN : 978-2-909703-60-2


Preface – Gilles Simeoni

Preface – Pierre-Jean Campocasso

Introduction – Jean-Christophe Liccia – Michel-Edouard Nigaglioni

The emigration of Corsicans to the Americas from the 16th to the 20th century – Jean-Christophe Liccia

The “American Corsicans” and their island – Jean-Christophe Liccia

Interwoven islands. Puerto Rico and the Corsican-Americans – Enrique Vivoni Farage

The Corsican presence in Venezuela in the 19th and 20th centuries – Jean-Baptiste Canarelli

A family between Corsica and Venezuela: biographical and linguistic aspects – Stella Retali-Medori

The preparation of the return and the construction of American houses in Corsica – Caroline Paoli

The speaking ceilings in the palaces of Americans through the example of the castle Stoppielle – Michel-Edouard Nigaglioni

The American dream or American dreams? – Michel Vergé-Franceschi

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