The catalog Île(s)

Publication linked to the exhibition “Île(s)


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Authors: Collective work

Co-publishing: Museum of Corsica, CTC / Albiana – 2015


ISBN: 978-2-909703-59-6/978-2-8241-0665-6

Format: 24 x 32 cm

120 pages

51 illustrations


Preface – Paul Giacobbi

Preface – Joseph-François Kremer-Marietti

Introduction – Marion Trannoy-Voisin

From island to island: a reflection on insularity throughout the world – Joseph Martinetti

From some islands, by the way… – Anne Meistersheim

The economic destiny of islands: a review of the literature – Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis

Islands – An aesthetic by 42° 30′ N latitude, 9° 15′ E longitude – Navel of the world, confetti in the universe – Florence Pizzorni-Itié

Crossed views on island societies

List of exhibited works

Translated with (free version)