Literary cycle “time and the relationship to time

Saturday, October 5 at 4 p.m.

Ciculu literariu “u tempu è u raportu cù u tempu”

Sabbatu u 5 d’uttobre à 4 ore di sera 

In cullaburazione cun l’associu Musanostra

In partnership with the Musanostra Association


CharlÉlie Couture and Eric Poindron, will talk about time, their poetry, their books, their lives and their looks face to face, side by side in an original duo. 

“TIME FOR TIME”. Well malignant who can play with time; also let us play with time. Is the artist’s or creator’s time a particular time? Accomplice or enemy, intimate or adjuvant, time participates in the creation. And if time makes the man, how does the artist arrange himself with time.

Éric Poindron is an editor, writer, poet, and screenwriter critic. He directs the collection “Curiosa & cætera” at Castor Astral where he has notably edited, Sapho, CharlÉlie Couture, Claude Seignolle or Lambert Schlechter. Author of about forty books, he is, among others, the author of Comme un bal de fantômes, elected best poetry collection 2017 by La Cause littéraire and Comment vivre en poète. He is also the recipient of the 2019 Roland Topor Publisher and Poet Award for lifetime achievement.

CharlÉlie Couture, a multifaceted artist, ” multist ” in his own words. He is in turn a poet, a composer, a painter, a musician, a decorator, a costume designer… We no longer present the man and his talents and his songs whose melodies still resonate in the heads of all. In the company of Eric Poindron, his sidekick and publisher, he will come to evoke the time and 40 years of poetry at the Museum of Corsica by presenting his latest collection of poems La mécanique du ciel.

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