Pierre Bach

Born in Toul in 1906, Pierre Bach discovered Corsica in 1929 and it was the mountain village of Asco that marked him forever. During an interview in 1959 with the journalist of Nice-Matin Sartinius, he declared: “Asco, a country at the end of the world! But what a character! A real revelation for a painter! From that moment on, I understood that Corsica would make me a prisoner forever.

He set up his studio in Erbalunga and with his friend, the photographer Joseph Moretti, he travelled around Corsica, painting with his knife the sea and mountain landscapes as well as the villages. He exhibited in Corsica, often at the Bassoul gallery in Ajaccio, but also on the continent and in North Africa.

From 1930 to 1933, he presented paintings at the Salon des Artistes indépendants: Piana and Monticellu in 1930, Ascu Mountain and Erbalunga Marsh in 1931, 2 Corsican Landscapes in 1932, Calvi, Montemaggiore in 1933.

Many museums in France and abroad preserve his works.

He died in 1971 and is buried in Erbalunga.

Pierre Bach

The sheepfolds of the lake of Melo

Oil on canvas


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