Collection Ollandini

This collection is above all the story of a passion...

Collection Ollandini

In 1997, François Ollandini, manager of the Ollandini group, whose company was founded in 1890 by his paternal grandfather Jean-Baptiste, donated his poster collection to the Corsican Museum.

This collection is above all the story of a passion: in 1991 François Ollandini acquired the posters of Eric, Corse Air France (1952) and Pontac, Airspan Travel (1949) and from then on he never stopped completing his collection. The richness of this set where we find the creations of the greatest poster artists of the twentieth century, allows us to trace a century of tourism and advertising in Corsica. 

This collection of 167 tourism and advertising posters gave rise in 1999 to an exhibition and a catalog for which the poster artist Raymond Savignac, then aged 94, created the visual.